Curtain Raiser

Good Day, Week & Will, Colltalers

Labor Day in the grand ol’ U.S. makes this a short working week. Yupee. Millions of unemployed couldn’t care less, though. Money is so tight that even beer is now considered a luxury good. Day off? Smirnoff, they dream.
It also doesn’t make much of a difference for our dutiful congressmen, who’ve already left Washington to work extra hard this week. Needless to say, they won’t be taking your phone calls for a while. But it’s all for a good cause, you see?
Many agonize about reelection, so there’s a lot to be covered. Some took seats on corporate jets so to get started “working their bases” right away.
A few understand the value of a good checkup too, so to be in shape for the demands and gastric risks of many dinners with supporters and lobbyists.
Thank goodness they’re all covered with excellent medical plans. They definitely need all those deductibles and extra care providers, if they’re to remain in charge of coverage cuts for those who can’t afford, crucial to balance the budget in times like these.
In fact, it’s almost certain that some form of tax cuts will be made permanent to help the economy, thanks to such wise leadership we see around. The tax cuts for those who make over $500 thousand a year, whose private economy will be surely soar, are all but guaranteed.
We’ll be standing on the sidelines if nothing else happens. But we hear that there’s a candidate with a different message, an eloquent young man who’s been talking about hope and that we can and all of that. We’ll be looking carefully but that seems to be an ideal candidate for president, right?

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