Ice Float

Island Bigger Than Manhattan Is
Drifting Away from the North Pole

A gigantic chunk of ice, four times the size of Manhattan and as thick as half the height of the Empire State Building, split up from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland, eroded away by ocean warming currents at its underbelly, according to scientists.
Its estimated freshwater content could keep flowing the Delaware or Hudson rivers for more than two years, or all U.S. public tap water for 120 days. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see all this water around, though, as the island is expected to slowly drift away towards the Atlantic.
Ice chunks breaking away from their glaciers is a common phenomenon, according to glaciologists. What’s unusual is the large sizes of recent break offs, more typical of Antarctic icebergs, and the rate the currents are causing them to split, 25 times that of the surface melt.

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