Curtain Raiser

Good Martin Luther King Week, Colltalers

As America mourns yet another tragedy brought about by way of insanity and guns, we’re also moved by the remembrance of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, so full of hope in the future, so inspiring to so many that since have dedicated, and sometimes lost, their lives in pursuit of a better nation.
Once again, we diligently bury our innocents and promise to do better, once again moved and inspired by the example of good citizens who chose to protect and cherish others despite the risks to their own survival.
Touched by the words of a president who’s not afraid to show his hurt feelings to us all to see and share, we hope the week marks a turning point in our recent history of hating our neighbors as if they were enemies and not brothers and sisters, struggling like us, to make sense of this tragedy.
We’re not ones to wish-wash our deep pain and disappointment that the world is far from the place we wish to send out our children to play. But we’ll never be instruments of the hatred that’s going around, sowing tempest and despair.
We’ll not be used to incite the persecution of those seeking to reveal the truth, who happen to disagree with us. And above all, we’ll never condone and turn our backs to those who are still in far foreign lands, fighting in the name of this nation, so we don’t have to. Every time we turn our guns on each other, we’re diminishing their selfless effort. Have a great one. WC


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