Curtain Raiser

Good Morning, Colltalers

Tonight, President Obama takes to the air waves to talk about the air strikes in Libya and some of us should get some answers. For the rest of the still breathing, still thinking crowd, they may be harder to come by, though.
It’ll be an inspiring speech, to be sure. He’s becoming fast known for his superior command of the English vernacular and his ability to convey complex thoughts into simple-constructed sentences.
Good for him and good for us, then. It’s doubtful that a foreign-born citizen, say from Kenya, would be able to come even close to his gifts.
But we digress, making fun of something that, otherwise, doesn’t deserve mention even in this lowly space. Yup, the racist, xenophobic, deranged ultra-right have no place here. May their diminishing spot in the political discourse never approach anywhere near the still healthy shores of the American freedom dream.
The fact is, despite his great stature as a public speaker, we’re beginning to lose some confidence in the content of his message. Let’s hope that tonight is somewhat different. Because one too many times recently the design of his words got dangerously closer in shape and form to what the executors of the middle class profess than to its advocates.
Since it’s likely that, by explaining the U.S.’s position in the North of Africa, he won’t be announcing a complete military withdraw from the Middle East, as so many desperately wished, it’ll be hard not to zoom out on that prime time segment. Most will be settling for a new, hopeful word on the economy, job market, health care costs, if it ever comes up.
It’ll be a waste of everyone’s time if, instead, he decides to focus on the Republican talking point of more spending cuts, or lofty themes such as the need for democracy in the world today. Please, don’t bother trying to explain to us why one dictator is more important to American interests than others. And if there’s any mention of increased defense budget, well, we may have a serious problem about that too.
But do tell us that the civil justice system is enough to judge all crimes, small and big, and there’s no need for Guantanamo. Go ahead and give us your support that our right to organize and fight for better wages won’t be taken away from us. And step right in, if you plan on join us in our fight for dignity only full-benefit, productive, new-technologies driven employment can give us.
There’s nothing wrong in keeping reciting some of the tenets of our aspirations as citizens and civilized beings. There’s hardly any fault if some keep repeating over and over again why we love this nation in the first place. And it will never be a waste of anyone’s time to profess that we seek freedom and rights for all, regardless of color, place of birth or political affiliation.
That religion and decisions that affect individual choices of lifestyle are better taken in the privacy of one’s own convictions, with no need for conversion of anyone else around. We still support you, Mr. President, and we know there’s no one else more qualified to support us. If we fight for the right to choose, we’re leaving behind only those who choose to do so.
Let those in North Africa, Middle East, Japan and Africa know that they can always count on our hearts and our solidarity, but not on our guns. Have a great one. WC


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