Two for the Road

Art & Bernie Take
a Final Bow Together

Their careers never intersected and yet they shared more than just the proximity of their ages and final days, starting with their Jewish heritage and tumultuous early life in Philadelphia, where Arthur Penn was born on 9/27/22, and New York City, where Tony Curtis was born as Bernard Schwartz on 6/3/25.
Both were prolific professionals known mainly for two masterpieces; Penn for “Bonnie and Clyde” and Curtis for Billy Wilder’s “Some Like it Hot.” They became involuntary members of that rarefied elite, those who despite being snubbed by the Academy, enjoyed public and critical acclaim. The coincidences stop here, though.
Curtis went on to excel also as a painter and a serial husband, leaving a huge family and one certified movie star, his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis. Penn, whose celebrated photographer Irving passed away last year, is survived by his wife of 55 years, Peggy Maurer.
To both, our deepest gratitude for the memories.

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