Living in Macy’s

Comedian Wraps Week
Sleepwalking In a Window

Today is the last day to see comedian Mike Birbiglia “living” inside a window of Macy’s department store. The extended advertising display for a cleaning product-cum-performance piece lasted seven days, snowstorms and all, and attracted the usual flow of the curious and the nosy.
As with similar events involving couples, models, groups of people or any variation of those themes, everyone knows what drives crowds to rush to check the scene out.
But except for very risquée situations we haven’t heard of, no performer was ever caught in an embarrassing position without wanting to. And, frankly, even the titillation element to such display gets tiresome.
Birbiglia, whose previous play was called “Come Sleepwalk With Me,” may know something very interesting that we don’t about performing in pajamas or simply staying in bed, free as tickets may be in this case.
People were able to interact with him through a social network site, but apart from predictable Q&As, and lacking any thought-provoking art device, the whole week turned out to be a long, boring, slightly unwashed advertising piece.
Pardon if we couldn’t stop yawning.

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