Memo – 4/21/10

Promotion – Tothe Fox is our new head of Poultry Operations. He has been praised for his expertise of the industry, primed through a previous tenure as a manager of turkey processing.

Mourning – Ben Peters, from Sales, passed away while running in the Charity Corporate Challenge. He lost his balance and collided with a newsstand. Due to the seriousness of his injuries, he was euthanized by the trackside.

Following – Our company reached a milestone this week, with its 700,000th Tweeter follower. Regrettably, the site’s administrator deemed the language of the entry offensive and removed it from public view.

Activity – We’re still accepting entries for our tour of the city’s bookstores. Volunteers will transfer all Bibles to the fiction section of the bookstores. All are required to leave immediately if requested by management.

Things to Forget 4/04/10

The Ministry of Civility released its weekly edit, listing things to forget this week and beyond. The edit “provides fresh content to help citizens increase their share of the sanctioned future,” the ministry said.** BEAGLE. The word should now only refer to the dog’s breed. It cannot be mentioned in discourses, dialogs, discussions or any other social interaction, or used by the educational system. In most contexts, Beagle now is a silent B.** OLOGY (termination). The ending of most words ending with O-L_O_G_Y will be monitored and controlled by the Bureau of Learning. A limited number of permits will be allocated for using the termination.** SUPERSTITION. Not to be used in the context of religious exchanges, except when it’s in compliance with rules for faith and beliefs established by the Organized Religion Consolidated Act (ORCA).

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