No Pics

Today and Tomorrow,
We’re Taking Time Off

It’d be redundant to place a photo of Ground Zero here, either as it is now, or as it was before. The same way we still haven’t got over it. We’re still foolishly resisting to the idea of the world as it’s become.
We’re still having a hard time adding our most intimate grief to phony displays of contrition we’ve been witnessing the past 10 years.
So today and tomorrow, there won’t be echo of any of that on this space. If we need to revisit 9/11/2001, we’ll find a secluded place to do it.
Since there hasn’t been a day when we didn’t think of it, if we don’t feel like remembering it at all, we simply won’t.
Our grief will never be available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.
We don’t subscribe to the brand of manufactured redemption sold ever since that bright morning.
We neither forgot nor forgave, and how we feel is none of anybody’s business.
We just need you know that we’re very very sorry.

Peace & Love

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