Pet Offender

Suffolk to Track
Animal Abusers

Here’s a national registry that couldn’t have come any time sooner. Just like sex offenders are required by law to disclose their whereabouts to a nationwide database, so will people convicted of offenses against animals, at least in this Long Island, New York, county.
It’s the equivalent to the Megan’s Law, which was finally established after one too many brutal atrocities against children were committed by convicted criminals at large. If it could not bring back or even heal those already victimized, it did prevent an unknown number of new cases.
Such legislation, allowing anyone to accuse someone else of abuse, has its critics, of course. But in practice, it’s been proven effective in way too many instances, without preventing the persecution of individual cases of civil right violations.
Apart from forcing convicted abusers to inform communities about their comings and goings, the legislation also aims at preventig them from ever adopting animals. Overall, it may wind up helping to set standards for a future national registry.
The coward, pathological and utterly disturbing habit of inflicting pain to animals is now considered part of the criminal profiling of serial killers, and related to patterns of domestic violence and sex abuse. The correlation is considerably more controversial when it comes to medical research.
In fact, there’re some who advocate the end of all clinical research involving animals, arguing that its costs far outweight possible benefits from the practice. So far, pharmaceutic laboratories, themselves highly funded and well connected multinationals, have successfully discredited such claims.
But while the debate over the issue rages on, it’s about time we start tracking and penalizing those who enjoy harming the defenseless.
A word of caution, though, about this registry and, by extension, the nature of any listing: someone like Adolf Hitler, for example, would never be in such database. For despite being a mass murderer, he was also an animal lover.

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