Curtain Raiser

Don’t March to This Beat, Colltalers

While most of us are distracted with the rush of end-of-year holiday cheers, there’s a sinister humming rising in the background. If it sounds more like drumming, it’s because it may as well be.
If it buzzes like white noise, it may also be, since it helps to mask all attempts to divert your attention towards it. And if it reminds you of Internet chatter, you’re right again, for that’s as far as you’ll be informed about its source.
It goes something like this: the U.S. intel community seems to have picked up some increasing rumors of a possible sign that perhaps an organized underground effort in Syria may be under way to deploy possible chemical weapons of mass destruction.
The media, wouldn’t you know it? has been quick to ascertain that such alleged chatter means that we’re facing an imminent attack by the Syrian government towards its opposition, and shouldn’t the U.S. be seriously considering an intervention?
Oh, yes, that’s the point all along of all these prefab fears, credited to anonymous sources connected to national security, and you should be careful what kind of questions you’ll be poising about such elusive origin.
Since investigative journalism has been all but banned from the airwaves and print media, with honorable exceptions, of course, you’re left with the version that seems designed to boost the case for preserving the U.S. defense budget, now under a timid attack.
Oh, yes, again, that’s also the point all along, or at least, the version of it that makes the more sense. For haven’t we heard similar claims some 11 years ago, just before our airplanes departed to Iraq?
It really doesn’t help, though, that there is, indeed, a redoubled effort, by a suddenly revived Middle Eastern movement with an agenda of regional dominance, to hijacked the revolutionary forces and lead the civil war against al-Assad and his family.
Who, by the way, is indeed desperate enough, just like Libya’s Qaddafi was before, to do anything to hold on to their illegitimate power. And that’s betting that, if the U.S. intervenes, Russia and its other allies will come to their rescue.
All the more complicated and nuanced still is the fact that such movement, Hamas, owes in part its revival to the Israeli prime minister’s aggressive confrontation of its main sponsor, Iran.
Now, deep in this quicksand of rumors and political interests to be gained by all involved but Syrians, how can anyone believe that the addition of U.S. warplanes, or yet another chunk of overassigned troops, or even worst, a fleet of target-missing drones, will help in any way such a quagmire?
So it seems clear where these drums of war are coming from, why they’re getting such an amplified response in the media, what goals are supposed to be achieve with yet another intervention in foreign soil, and ultimately, why no one is talking about it in quite such terms.
That’s why we may have to say it again, dear readers: do let your heart march to this beat.
It’ll also help to make sure you keep count of the few who stands to gain from such a tragic adventure, and the many who’re bound to be hurt if it ever happens. Happy Chanukka and have a great week. WC


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