Born on Christmas

Another Event to
Top Birth of Jesus

It was 20 years ago this Christmas when the first communication was successfully established between a web browser and a server via the Internet. That became Page 1 for what’s now a mega-virtual 13.99 billion-page book as of yesterday. So Happy Birthday, World Wide Web.
Besides Krishna, Mithra, Horus, Budda, Quetzacoatl and even Hercules, all Christ-like figures whose birthdays are celebrated along with Christianity, you may now add the Internet, which is fastest becoming what The Beatles were for a brief moment, more popular than Jesus Christ.
As with all the above, the whole history of such momentous creation is yet to be completed. They all have fuzzy stories and paternity myths, and literature about it abound. Suffice to say that the fact you’re reading this, along with billions of faithfull all over the world who’re also communicating back and forth the joys of the occasion through Web addresses, confirms the staggering reality.
So don’t forget to light up a candle, or save a message if you would, to this so far last frontier, still undiscovered and already under heavy assault from corporations and governments who wish to control it. While they try, global communities built on good will or evil intent are thriving out there for the taker, as long as you exercise the same caution you would crossing a superhighway.
Above all, learn when it’s time to turn it off and go live a little outside your door, so when you come back you do have something to contribute and hopefully make it all better. Otherwise, you’d be part of what law enforcement calls clatter, and you’ll be monitored by a million eyes. Proceed with caution, yes, and don’t fret. After all, you are treading on a spiderweb, a World Wide Web.

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