Design for Living

Doomsday Survival Pods
to Shelter Small Families

In the New Year, we’re not touching any doomsday theory, either with a 111-foot pole (till May 11, 2011) or longer to fit the Mayan calendar, nor anything before, between or beyond that. But we’ll reserve the privilege to take notice of the people that would go to great lengths to prepare to such an event, if it ever happens.
Take Evgeny Ubiyko, for example. A self-appointed Russian genius, he’s designed a survival capsule that would withstand a nuclear hecatomb and, if that doesn’t come up in his lifetime, the place can conveniently be retrofit for other uses. Wouldn’t it be nice? We didn’t think so.
The fact is, it’s small, heavily insulated capsule that can roll down hills and land upside down, it’s earthquake- and lava-proof, and its has its own air purification system.
Pretty standard specs if you’re planning for the long haul. Oh, about that a bit of a bummer: in its current size, it can only shelter four people for just 40 days.
In other words, nothing to write home about it, if yours happen to also survive a civilization-ending event. You’ll always have a better supply of say, toilet paper at home than anywhere else.
And there’s that pesky line of questioning about, if the world has really gone kaput, would you still be interested in coming out and play with, say, nobody? Most likely, every single person you’ve met would never make it, so is there a point in even surviving? Speak for yourself, we’re told. Ok.
Speaking about accommodations, Ubiyko may also consider giving a thorough makeover to his design. It looks a bit, how should we say? drab in its current form. More like Tin Man’s hat than an important scientific experiment designed by a genius.
But he doesn’t strike us as being the quitter type, and it’s a safer bet he’ll come up with something better than to expect the Armageddon. After all, he actually told anyone who’d listen that, with or without the Apocalypse, he’s using the damn thing for other things, we don’t know, something.
May we suggest a doll house for the neighboring children? Or to turn it into some Amusement Park ride, down the hill under a minute for just a nickel? What about a secret gathering place for people to gather and discuss how would they like their End of the World be?
The possibilities are endless. Actually, no, they aren’t.

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