Fall From Heaven

What Is Killing the
Birds of Arkansas?

JUST IN: Recent reports of mass killings of birds and fish all over the world, are having a curious effect: while some are ready to zoom out from such news, anchored by the idea that the phenomenon is more common that people realized, others are ready to freak out. These are calling itThe Great Planetary Die-Off,” adopting the restrained tone typical of Apocalypse Now proponents. So perhaps it’s time to pause and consider that oldest of human assumptions, now being generously applied to the animal kingdom: dead is a booming business; even those who’ve never died before, are getting on with it.

1,000 and counting. That’s how many dead birds were found in Beebe, Arkansas, over the weekend within a small area. Almost as if they were all hit at the same time by the same catastrophic event, which is freakier to imagine than even the theories presented so far to explain it.
Lightning? High-altitude hail? New Year fireworks celebrations? Please. The last time birds fell out of the sky like that, a few years back, it had something to do with the West Nile virus and some did people die too. So let’s not talk about hot air here just yet.
No need to run for cover either. Specimens have been collected, tests are being performed, Beebe has no known previous history of weird Apocalypse cults killing birds in midnight rituals.
But there’s something deeply unsettling about a winged creature fall to earth, injured, lifeless, almost an insult to the dream of flying that’s denied to humans, so they can soar and touch the sky.
But apart from that, it’s possible that not many people will ever care about all that. Unless, of course, if you consider that now thousands of fish are also dead in the same town. It must’ve something they drank, though.

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