Potter’s Field

Tomb of Harry Potter Is
Magnet for Tourists in Israel

Now, that’s enough to inspire J.K. Rowling to go back to her old, beaten typewriter and come up with yet another installment of her officially concluded book saga franchise. One of Israel’s most sought after touristic attractions, right up there with the Western Wall, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the town of Nazareth, is the grave site of Private Harry Potter, an English soldier who died age 19 in 1939.
It’s an odd and far away location from the fictional life of such storied character, but we’re sure Ms. Rowling could find ways to connect the two into a satisfying read. Yes, the historical Potter was a soldier, while the now not so young movie role is of a wizard, but both being, well, heroes of some sort, may we suggest perhaps using a kind of Doppelganger device?
Maybe it’d be someone with a completely parallel lifeline, which would cross paths with famous Harry through a particular riveting sequence. Or an ancestor who enlisted in the British Army and died in action in the Middle East, which is actually what probably happened anyway, preventing him from reaching fame and fortune, as his namesake did. Somehow, the better known Potter got diverted from such similar path due to the fateful death of his parents.
You may learn of as many possibilities for an additional chapter in the Harry Potter series as there are annual visitors to the grave of that young, practically anonymous English private. One thing is for sure, though: he’s the only one of the two to have his own resting place. For the fictional character, resting may prove elusive and he’s bound to be revived as many times as the number of the books with his name on the cover.

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