Piano Bar

Would You Play a Song in
the Middle of a Miami Bay?

Miami’s Biscayne National Park is well known for its majestic bay, its coral reefs, plentiful marine life and sea birds, and a large number of small islands. In the 1980s, some of them were covered in pink fabric by the art couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude to a visually striking effect.
You may add a grand piano to the bay’s uncanny ability to periodically startle its surroundings. For over a week, there was a piano sitting on a narrow sandbar in the middle of the bay, and how it got there became a source of endless theories and even a photo caption game contest by a local newspaper.
(The mystery is now solved and the piano, along with the magic, are no longer there.)
It must have not been easy. Since it weights 650 pounds (dry), it wouldn’t fit in a rowboat, for example. But it was cleverly placed: it sat at the highest point of the sandbar so it wouldn’t go under during high tide. At first, neither the Coast Guard nor the various government agencies in charge of the bay had any plans to remove it from there. Too bad they’ve changed their minds.
A piano in the middle of a bay does have a romantic ring to it. But alas, since very few have ventured the 200 yards crossing from the shore, to try a few songs on it, it’s unclear whether it was in tune. And the seagulls, frequent visitors, were not telling it either.

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