Heart Breaker

Russian Donkey Forced to
Fly Over Beach Resort Dies

Anapka, a 40-something year old donkey, who was attached by a parachute and pushed by a speedboat for a terrifying flight over the Sea of Azov in Golubitskaya last summer, has died of a heart attack. An autopsy determined that stress from her incredibly cruel ordeal, conceived as a publicity stunt by a local parasailing business, was the direct cause of her demise.
The incident, which caused worldwide outrage and publicly embarrassment for Russia, also ignited a senseless British tabloid frenzy. Anapka, who’d been transferred to the nearby Dobrovolskaya’s stables, had difficulties adapting to her new home. When she started refusing to eat, her health quickly deteriorated.
At the time, local media said she got lifted so high up in the sky, that children on the beach cried and asked their parents why a dog was tied to a parachute. But despite protests, the involvement of animal rights activist and former actress Brigitte Bardot, and statements from local police indicating they were going to press cruelty charges, no one has ever been prosecuted for this crime.
R.I.P. Anapka.

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