Iceman Cometh

Meet Oetzi, the
5,000 Year Old Man

The ancient shepherd, whose body was found in 1991 in the border of Austria and Italy, has now finally shown his face. Dutch artists Alfons and Adrie Kennis reconstructed it based on his facial bone structure and suddenly, you can actually picture him climbing the slopes of the Austrian Alps.
Europe’s oldest human mummy, he’s believed to have met a violent death at about 45 years old. Scientists have studied even the content of his stomach, determining that eight hours before he died, for example, he had a meal of red dear meat, vegetables and grains.
He’s the best preserved specimen of the Cooper Age and his body reveals personal habits, lifestyle, health and some of the world he lived in. His reconstructed face will join his mummy which is already on display in Italy for some time now in the “20 Years of Oetzi” show.
Curiously, his body has several tattoos, which surprised researchers. After all, tattoos became popular in China only 2000 years after he died.
The also expect that the discovery of his mummy may open a new era of findings, since many areas in the world which have been covered in snow for thousands of years are now melting.
Take that, you naysayers who think global warming is all bad.

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