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On Women’s Issues

Every Monday, a number of Colltales readers receives a Newsletter with the issues that may dominate the week ahead. It’s a way to offer them a platform to be part of meaningful discussions over current affairs. This week it was mostly about the International Women’s Day.

Afonso G. has this to say about the state of women’s issues, circa 2011.

“I’ll take stand for life and the unborn – as unpopular and out of fashion as it is.
“I hypothesize there is something more going on here than just the rights of women. I write all of this as a former supporter of the so called ‘pro-choice’ movement and join Mrs. Roe and many others.
“When you write of the for-profit Planned Parenthood, assuming you care about human rights, consider that its founder (Margaret Sanger) was an unabashed Eugenicist and racist who wrote openly about exterminating blacks and other ‘lesser’ people. She was funded by powerful people who shared a disdain for humanity and are hell bent on social engineering.
“These same people funded the Kaiser Willhelm Institute where Dr. (Joseph) Mengele and his boss worked – a major pillar of the 3rd Reich. Sanger also corresponded with Adolf Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan was a great supporter of PP. This and much much more is thoroughly documented in mainline history.
“(That saint that is Bill Gates, who funds ‘vaccine’ research for all those poor people he is concerned about, his father was in the intelligence services and coincidentally sat on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood. I am so glad the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is coming up with genetically engineered mosquitoes that vaccinate as they bite. I am sure they have only the best of intentions.)
“Sanger also wrote of recruiting charismatic black leaders to serve as de facto judas goats for the black population. Is it any surprise that over 50% of black conceptions in the U.S. end in abortion and you don’t hear the NAACP or the Rev. Al Sharpton ever speak of this but they are so incensed at the utterance of certain words, however distasteful and hurtful they might be?
“So much for sticks and stones. I’m so glad that the state is now regulating speech more to protect peoples’ feelings.
“Eugenics is an important topic to understand. I recommend the films “Maafa 21” and “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement,” which gives the whole topic a much broader, more frightening scope. Maafa 21 was sold to me by two young black girls who were protesting the NAACP a few years back.
“History is replete with cultures where parents sacrificed their young. Is abortion really a choice to be embraced and adopted cavalierly? Is a culture of death a positive thing for society? When the most vulnerable are subjected to factory style extermination (~50 million just in the U.S. as of Roe/Wade), is the future shiny and bright with life for the rest?
“Who cares about 1 million dead Iraqis – thousands of dead troops on the false evidence of ‘yellowcake’ and fake intelligence printed by the ‘liberal’ whitewashing New York Times? Not many. Can you blame them when what is projected into the culture through TV dulls the senses to life? Are we really nothing more than self propelled stomachs acquiring trinkets? Might there be something more magical and wonderful about humans that is being withheld by design? We are after all on a planet moving at over 20,000 miles an hour around a mid sized sun on the edge of a galaxy…
“What if the money system wasn’t so corrupt and inflated by the private offshore banking cartels that own the military industrial complex and give value to paper. Maybe if there weren’t bondage to debt/taxes, do you think maybe women would be able to afford their children instead of having to exercise their ‘choice’ and risking surgery to remove them?
Gloria Steinem was funded by the CIA. She dated Henry Kissinger. Did they fund her movement because they cared about women? Or was it maybe because they were employing a tactic to divide and conquer? Do good causes get hijacked by clever devious people for the sake of control?
“How great is it for women that they have to work in most cases to support their families when in the past one manufacturing salary could cover a whole household and then some? I think working is a drag. The fact that my wife has to work is hardly a welcome choice for us. Women now have a ‘Double Day‘ as a Brazilian filmmaker documented. Our family is certainly not the better for it. Luckily the loving state is ready to take our place.
“Can the universe fit all these people? Not according to the Malthusians. We have to bring the population down to 500 million according to them (Ted Turner – don’t mind that he has five kids, jets, yachts, etc).
Dr. John P. Holdren, the current White House’s Science and Technology czar, co- wrote a book named “EcoScience: Population, Resources and Environment,” advocating for a global regime and police force to enforce population reduction through the use of forced abortion, one child policies, sterilants in water, vaccines and licensing to have children. And he also proposed redefining the legality of human life to begin at age 2, meaning you can ‘end’ the life up until then. A real sweet heart that czar is. Isn’t it great that we have czars in “Amerika?”
“Great Cut Your Carbon Propaganda from Eco-fascists:

“I can assure you this is more than science fiction as described in cheesy 70s movies like “Z.P.G.” The Chinese system which is lauded by our ‘leaders’ has just this. All those funny chemicals in your water and medicines, the many fold increases in cancer, oh nothing to worry about there – just turn the channel back onto Lady Gaga.
“As a libertarian I would agree that if anyone has the right to kill their child it would be the mother ala Medea. But there’s more than meets the eye here. The game is rigged big time bro, and PP is hardly part of the solution. And I for one, have a big problem with my energy going to population control programs.
“The universe is abundant! I know you care. Turn your heart light on and investigate the opposing view points, and avoid the false prophets that typically represent those views. I applaud you putting yourself out there with your publication!
“Following Roe vs Wade:
White House Tape 700/10 – April 3, 1972
NIXON: a hell of a lot of people want to control the Negro bastards.
NIXON: … you know what we are talking about – population control.” Afonso G., New York City.

Now, instead of arguing each point we don’t agree with, we’d rather have you, the reader, commenting about what you’ve just read. Be brief, stick to the topic and explain your point of view. We’d appreciate your opinion.

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