For Sale

Spacious, Multilevel Ship;
Spectacular RVR VU of NY

New York City, circa 2008. The economy is booming, the housing market is hot all over, people are investing in all sorts of things, besides the stock market. It was the kind of time many would be checking the papers often, searching for that je ne sais quois offer that always gets nice dreams ignited.
Or so thought former marina owner Jacques Guillet when he came across an eye-opener of a for-sale add: the chance to own your private Staten Island Ferry. Can you imagine? Spacious, great views of the New York skyline and harbor, and a piece of history of this great city of ours too.
Never mind the asking price for the 300-foot, 3,500 capacity storied vessel. When all was said and done at the closed-bid auction, the Gov. Herbert H. Lehman was his for the bargain price of only $162,000.
It sounds just like so many dreams New York is known for all over the world, doesn’t it? And dreams for the boat Guillet had and plenty of them.
What about a floating dorm for college students? Perfect, specially for foreign and exchange students, who’d certainly love the opportunity of traveling around Manhattan, while finishing assignments onboard.
Hosting their parents by the Statue of Liberty, dining by the Brooklyn Bridge, all without paying even a fraction of those expensive party boats. Oh, yes, and what a party space the “Gov” would make it.
Well, not to startled you overboard but it wasn’t meant to be, as it turned out. As soon as the marina master took a long, hard look at that big, orange, slow-moving set of rusty metal seats, a sinking feeling started to settle in.
Dreams are nothing without sweat but this proved to be way beyond what this particular dreamer was willing to go. And on top of that, the economy sank big time. It’s very likely that the final oar was when the city wanted to charge him $1,000 a day for a docking space. That was three years ago, as we said, the economy failed the city too.
After all this time, he managed to lower that price to $6,000 a month for some secluded spot in… Staten Island. But that’s no help, since the money is coming, or rather, spilling out of his pocket.
And students? he found no stinking students to sleep on that boat, which would require a major renovation before it could serve for anything, anyway. No dice; our old man of the sea had to give it all up.
Which brings us to just about now and, perhaps, the investment opportunity of a lifetime. That means you, but before you think we’re getting a cut out of any possible rescue for the sake of Gov, we’ve never met the Guillet.
Even though we can feel his pain, we couldn’t share his vision, lest we’d most likely sink like a rock along with him. Oh, and yes, we’re still flat broke. The economy went south, etc, etc.
The potential is there, no doubt about it. But times are hard, people are depressed; chances are, docking space (and, you guessed it, the economy again) wouldn’t be our biggest concerns. If some party goer, for example, would indeed fall overboard, broke as we are, our dorm would be certainly moved at once from a famous ferry to an infamous island: Rikers Island.

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