If You Can Make it There…

Cat May Be the First Calico
to Swim Across the Harbor

She came in after the rain, wet, salty and covered in seaweed. She appeared on the shore of Governor’s Island and immediately set up the island abuzz. Would it be possible that this seemingly harmless little calico managed to swim all the way from New Jersey, perhaps after being swept up by last week’s torrential rains, to wind up a whole mile away from home?
Whatever happened, she’s not telling a soul, of course. But she’s gladly receiving all the accolades such feat entitles. After all, many a seasoned sea wolf has drowned hopelessly in the treacherous waters off the Big Apple. On top of that, these waterways count among the busiest in the world, plus all the floating debris and you have the picture of something nothing less than heroic that may have been taken place last week.
And you had no idea, until she appeared, fittingly at such a historic setting. A bit matted, a tad harried, but otherwise, just fine and healthy. It’s only natural, then, that she’s been officially adopted, kind of, by the growing community in charge of the 172-acre island.
The new addition to such distinguished team may be a much needed boost for the city’s efforts to bring Governor’s Island up to speed. The little calico cat that vanquished the Hudson may become the best public image of what the city envisions for the place, right along a waterfront promenade and 87 acres of green space.
So, here’s to the new governor of the island, champion of the waters. May a public contest to choose a name to this furry hero be next?

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