I’m With Phil

Group of People Lend a Hand
to Town With Their Same Name

With seven billion people walking the earth today, it’s natural that a few of them share your same name. And like you, many have already spent time on the Internet finding out if any live in the neighborhood. Who knows? You may be doing just that right now.
There’s a town that may not be the sweet home in Alabama for every Phil Campbell around. But it’s the place where a few hundred of them have been gathering more or less every year since 1995 to celebrate the one thing they all share in common. Some have come from as far as Australia.
Named after an Englishman who built a railroad depot there in the 1880s, Phil Campbell is the only town in the U.S. to have both first and last names of an individual, and a Facebook page with 190 people.
But this year the gathering of the “homonymous Phils” will be different. A nasty tornado left 26 dead and a lot of destruction on its wake, last month, and the organizers decided to use the June 17 “I’m With Phil” celebration to call attention to the town’s plight.
So if you’re in the area, stop by. We doubt that just because you have a different name, you won’t be able to share a beer and help out with the cleaning. Coming to think of it, you may even start a group of your own. Who knows? Maybe there is a town, and a bunch of people, with your name somewhere.
(Oh, we almost forgot: if you’re really into this sort of thing, you can find streets with your name all over the world here. But it helps if yours is a relatively unusual name; otherwise, you may get overwhelmed by the results. Have fun.)
One last thing about Phil Campbell: there’s at least one of them who’s unlike to show up at next month’s party, the Welsh lead guitarist of the heavy-metal band Motörhead. Then again, who knows?

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