On the Cheap

Getting Married? a Coin in the
Machine & a Toilet Paper Dress

Since we’ve borrowed and read Charles Dickens’s Hard Times, we keep seeing signs everywhere. But despite the crisis, people are still getting married, bless their souls, so at least some of us are hopeful things will improve.
Things are already improving (knock on wood) for at least one demographics: gay couples, who’re finally, and ever so slowing, gaining the right to share in the miseries (and benefits) heterosexuals have been abusing for years.
In New York City, for example, some lucky LGBT lovers will get married free of charge on July 30th, in a big, collective ceremony sponsored by Pop Up Chapel. It’ll be a gift for them, to mark the state’s recently approved same-sex legislation.
For everybody else, there’s the AutoWed, a “wedding vending machine that will get you two hitched in minutes for just $1.” Created by British company ConcepShed, possibly with a wink, it became a hit on the Internet, and now orders are coming from all over the world.
It was originally designed for Detroit’s Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, but now it may pop up in other cities too, since as we said it before, times are tough, and if you can do it without praising the lord, that may as well be what you really need.
Of course, there’s absolutely no disrespect or cynicism in cutting expenses, even if it’s for your wedding day. After all, it’s a day full of memories that many couples choose to forget. It’s what happens in the years following that fleeting moment that really counts.
It was probably with that in mind that folks at the Cheap Chic Weddings created the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, which it’s now in its seventh year and has just awarded Sussan Brennan, from Michigan, its $1,000 grand prize.
Participants were allowed to use as much glue, tape, sewing thread and paper as they needed, but it took Ms. Brennan only four rolls to create her beautiful, winning dress.
We’re not sure nor we would ever ask whether she’s about to get married too, or have any plans of wearing her creation. But if she tires from displaying it, we know of at least one shopping item she won’t have to spend her prize money to buy.

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