It Happens

Dead at Her Funeral,
Alive at the Morgue

Here’s a tale of a man who could’ve died of fright but didn’t, and a woman who could’ve lived but perished.
Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a 49-year-old Russian woman, reportedly had a full and happy life, but unfortunately, also a weak heart, and suffered what appeared to be a fatal attack.
Fagili, her dutiful husband, made all the funeral arrangements and invited their closest friends and relatives.
It was when the priest was leading the group into a prayer for her soul, that Fagilyu suddenly woke up (and most likely, scared the bejesus of all present.)
Without missing a beat, they rushed her back to the hospital, where she’d been mistakenly pronounced dead before, happy that she was breathing again. But it wasn’t to be.
She barely made it to the hospital before she expired, this time for good. Feel free to insert here your own impressions about what happened.
Of course, Fagilyu was not the first person ever who people thought had died, only to “come back to life,” so to speak.
But sadly, hers was that even rarer instance when one’s date with the great beyond is in the same day, only a bit later than thought of at first.
Something similar, only a bit colder, happened to an 80-year-old South African, whose name hasn’t been disclosed. He too was thought of being dead and done by his family, and his body was sent to the city morgue for an autopsy.
Fortunately, the procedure was set for the following day.
After 21 hours inside a refrigerator, the man came to and asked for help, again, frighten the living daylights of all around. He’s now reportedly doing just fine, thank you very much.
The only thing is that he’s been complaining about having trouble sleeping because of terrible nightmares. He’s been dreaming that a woman comes to him and… oh, never mind.

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