Cat & Dogs

Missing Pet in New York &
the Subway Strays of Moscow

A hunt is on for a lost cat at the JFK Airport. In the meantime, dogs have been riding Russian trains for ages.
First things first: Jack, the cat, disappeared from his kennel at JFK and missed the plane to California that his human companion boarded last Thursday.
The last we heard, he’s still missing and heartbroken Karen, the New Yorker who was flying to San Jose, is willing to lose her job to find Jack. Our heart goes out to her.
At press time, there were no other details. Now, stay tuned for the weather and a movie, at 11.
In another part of the globe, dogs are catching their trains right on schedule. Apparently, everyday a bunch of strays dogs living on the outskirts of Russia’s capital ride the subway to the city’s center, to scavenge for food.
Talking about the rat race. Such extraordinary display of skill, which has been observed for quite some time now, is in continuous evolution. The pack has been known to work in teams and to exit at the same stations.
After a day hunting for scraps and leftovers from the local eateries, they all catch the train back to the suburbs where they are based.
Other dogs have been reported riding public transportation before, as the populations of feral animals multiplies in the big cities of the world. However, the collective behavior of the strays of Moscow is a step beyond that. It’s not random and shows a previously unknown ability to adapt to the harsh realities of modern life.
In unrelated news, Alexander Pylyshenko is reaching the final week of his experiment, living in a cage with two lions for over a month. The self-taught wild feline specialist from Ukraine aims at raising awareness to the poor treatment of big cats held in captivity throughout the world.
Pylyshenko, which manages a small zoo with cougars and a bear, beside the lions, is planning on moving the facility to a better location. He built a small toilet and shower inside the cage, but in general has been following the gruesome diet and sleeping habits of his wild pets.
Since he’s also an artist, he planned to spend a lot of his captive time painting. The whole experiment has been broadcast live through the Internet.
A word of caution, here: none of the last two items could be independently confirmed. We’re guilty of doing something that good old fashioned journalism abhors, as it should: we took the stray dogs story at face value, and we assumed Pylyshenko did conduct his experiment and survived it too.
That being said, we’ll bring you any additional news about Jack the cat, the smart Russian dogs, and the clearly daring artist from Ukraine.

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