Salish Sea Feet

Cut-Off, Sneaker-Wearing Feet
Mystery May Be About to Be Solved

Just as we enter the week preceding Halloween, one of the real
life’s goriest stories seems to be finally ready to be laid to rest.

Since 2007, a total of 12 severed feet, most wearing sneakers, began appearing off the coast of Canada, in the Pacific Northwest.
The fact that they we cut off from their bodies was enough to churn local law enforcement’s collective stomachs. The macabre detail of the runners sneakers found in some of them only added to their mystique.
Many theories were considered and discarded, including the possibility of a maniac on the loose, prying on joggers, or even of a cult, with a sick fetish.
But after a while, the trail dried up and everybody’s feet went cold about it. The whole thing seemed destined to become another unresolved, albeit disturbing, crime.
Now, after piecing together new evidence, investigators are ready to close the case, to much relief for some, and disappointment to others, who were hoping for a X-files-like resolution.
The latest pair of feet positively identified belong to a woman, who jumped to her death off the Pattullo Bridge, British Columbia, in April 2004.
She was not the only one to end her own life that way. The real sad fact about this tragic trail of loose body parts is that they mostly belong to suicide bridge-jumpers.
Police say that, as the body decomposes, the feet tend to separate from the rest of the body, and the sneakers help them be carried ashore by the currents.
The Salish Sea, a Native American-inspired name adopted only recently by Canada and the U.S., comprises the icy waters surrounding Vancouver Island and Puget Sound between the two countries, and a place called Desolation Sound.
Despite the unusual circumstances of this case, with its own Wikipedia page, the goriness of the feet found, and ultimately, the pain to all involved, it could not escape a certified rite-of-passage such high profile entails: a hoax.
A few years back, someone went to the trouble of planting a fake foot on the shores of Vancouver Island, in one of the worst displays of a sick joke ever attached to a human tragedy.
All and all, though, we’re glad that now, half a dozen families can finally lay to rest their beloved ones. And please, no more jokes about Halloween.

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