Say it Again

Of Tender Talks Between
Cats & the Live Long Day 

It’s an absolute fact that cats do not talk. They communicate with each other, sure. They know how to express feelings, just like any of us (non-cats), no doubt. But any attempt to put words on their mouths sounds downright stupid. So why we’re so fascinated when two cats seem to be having a conversation?
When they try to do that in movies, the result is rather demeaning. To us, not to cats who couldn’t care less. But when they ‘do’ it themselves, the effect is mesmerizing. So, yes, you may say we’re not ashamed of running with them this Caturday in early August. We promise, we’ll make it painless.
For the record, today’s irony-free post wouldn’t be possible without YouTube, that living membrane of our instant recollections where cats reign supreme, and anyone’s bleak life can be turned into an 2-minute epic. As such, anything we may say here may be utterly superfluous.
The duo above is the latest we’ve found. Getting all anthropomorphic here, they seem to be ‘commenting’ what’s going on outside their window. But whatever it is they’re focused on, we just can’t see it.
So, looking over their ‘shoulders,’ we’re led to wonder, what are they ‘talking’ about?
There’s also a certain suburban quality to the monotony of their outside world, with its muted colors, a silent garden full of barren and unkept plants. Perhaps they too were expecting to see some action out there, but somehow it got postponed to another day. In any event, their staccato-like soft-throaty sound matches perfectly the stillness they witness.

The other ‘couple,’ though, seem to be following the action on this side of our world, and their exchange is considerably more intimate and warm. These two females purr at each other just like two lovers getting ready for bed, happy to share each other’s presence, all the while trading quick asides about their day.
Again, there’s a sense of familiarity permeating their private moment, and they’re naturally unburdened by the presence of the prying camera. Everything about this video, from its setting, the sepia hue of the background, to the cat’s matching brown fur colors, expresses harmony, a Buddhist-sense of acceptance, of ‘nothing’s going to change my world’ attitude.
As a bonus, we’ve included here the highly disturbing Long Johnson Cat, a long time Internet feature. For a creature whose vocal chords can’t be stretched out like those of a human, the range and guttural sounds this cat produces, obviously under stress, are haunting. And even that we usually hate captions on animal videos, in this case, it does increase the intensity.
As some of you would say about our Uncle Bob, if you’d seen footage of him acting out, we hope he’s getting the help he needs. And also that he finds in his heart to forgive those who’re laughing at his misery.
When cats are being treated the way any animal deserves to be, they easily transpire serenity and a sense that all things are just the way they should be. On the other hand, a feline in distress can literally give you nightmares.
May those under your guard be the kind of pets anyone can truly call a friend. And, if you happen to be a non-cat person, that you still realize that this is their world, or it should, and we’re here with the sole purpose to make sure they thrive to their fullest potential. If, despite all of that, you’re still unsure what to do, don’t worry. They’ll call you when they need you.


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