Juicy Fruit

Vanishing Seeds & the Fine Art of   
Eating & Blowing Up Watermelons 

There was a time when every fruit had seeds, and finding ways of getting rid of them was part of the whole eating experience. Not anymore. Most of what we now eat are clones, but, unless you’re a farmer, you wouldn’t know it by the way they look, taste or feel. 
Ever wondered how they do it with watermelons? Read on. In fact, there’re surprising ways for eating this mostly sweet-water summer treat. Or blow them up, as you’re about to see. Who said the fun is gone, since you no longer can spit out the seeds on your friends?
Talking about that, we must disclose that long ago, we indulged ourselves making fools of people, with a simple-mind kind of ‘parlor trick,’ we used to carry up our sleeves. It’s a miracle we never got tossed out of parties and bar mitzvahs, for we certainly deserved it, but some folks stopped speaking with us ever since.
Many of you may already know it, it’s called Trip to the Beach. It’s so devilish simple, and yet, people used to have the hardest time trying to figure it out. That, of course, made us incredibly full of ourselves, and even today, we feel terrible for having made them think less of themselves on our account.
Basically, you’re going to the beach and you’re taking only items that share the same initial of your name. You’d tell that you’re going, and take this with you. So, what are you taking to the beach? And often, of course, people would choose something that they couldn’t because of the game. Thus, we’d would take water with us, a wardrobe, and of course, a watermelon.
It’s horrible, we know. And you should see how we used to play it, laughing, making people really uncomfortable, for if they couldn’t figure it out, there was probably something wrong with them, and so on and so forth. We were so bad it makes us sick. And still now, we’re not so sure we’ve got any better. Just so you know.

Unlike us, Prof. Tom Willett is the kind of generous soul that takes the time to prepare a full lesson on an important subject, seasonally-appropriate, so everyone feels good about themselves. He bills today’s subject ‘the correct way to eat a watermelon – the official tutorial.’ You’d be surprised by his talent and friendly demeanor.
As a matter of fact, after watching it, you may not just feel an irresistible urge to have some of that succulent fruit, but also wonder how could you possibly have lived all these years without knowing anything about the assortment of techniques he introduces you to, in just a few minutes.

Another interesting tidbit of information about watermelons comes courtesy of NPR’s April Fulton, who answers that intriguing quest for the ages: how do they eliminate the seeds of the fruit, with not apparent damage to its flavor, color and appearance? A hint: it’s a process not unlike the one employed with bananas.
And just like with them, the fruit praised by Mark Twain in one of his stories fares much better than, say supermarket tomatoes, and other hybrids. In the process of sparing us from the work of having to spit out the seeds, many lost a lot of their original nature. It’s a fascinating little piece, capable of enhancing our next trip to our favorite produce store.

In case you’re wondering how to explode watermelons, hopefully only for entertainment purposes, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy are your guides. On their YouTube video, they explain that, in order to get optimal results, they resorted to an old Chinese technique that uses rubber bands to squeeze the fruit to the point of rupture.
The idea was to capture it all on tape using a slow-motion camera. The resulting images are quite stunning, indeed. But it’s obvious that these two were not seeking scientific platitudes here; it was all done for fun, apparently, as it should. There’s just a disturbing suggestion that the method may have been devised with somebody’s head in mind. You picture that, if you can.
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One thought on “Juicy Fruit

  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    a little off topic… i saw the car picture. 🙂 also, i love watermelons…great summer fruit. don’t think I like the explosion thing though. quite messy.


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