Brazil Hurts

Thanks for the Memories
& Get Better Soon, Neymar

When it happened, few thought it was more than theatrics of a player whose skills with the ball are at par with his street smarts: minutes from the end of Brazil’s win over Colombia, Neymar got hit by Juan Zuniga’s knee, in a collision that fractured one of the striker’s lower back vertebrae and ended the World Cup at home for him.
World Cup 2014 LogoIt was a brutal shock for the #10 and for the Brazilian team which, to many, had already been placing too big a responsibility over his shoulders. And it happened just when the Seleção needs to pull itself together to face 3-time world champion Germany on Tuesday. In all fairness, the extremely painful but not career-ending injury, was a high price for Neymar to pay for a victory in which he was barely a factor.
Still, his absence may be a gap too large to fill. Brazil is now confronted with a dilemma that almost no one saw coming: either to overcome the odds, warts and all, and quell the virtually impossible expectations of a whole nation, with two final, redeeming victories. Or find comfort (and the perfect excuse) in falling for the circumstances, and to a worthy adversary.
In either case, both Brazil and Neymar will lose, of course, just as football in general, and this cup in particular, will miss the brilliance of a James Rodriguez, from Colombia, or of a Cristiano Ronaldo, from Portugal. Regardless; at 26, Neymar should be in top form for the 2018 games in Russia. Once again, Brazil will surely count on him. Till then, so long, get well, and thanks for the wonderful moments.

2 thoughts on “Brazil Hurts

  1. I thought it was a serious injury straightaway and was surprised there wasn’t even more damage done. Zuniga seemed to launch his knees at Neymar’s back in a way that should have earned him a red card.

    Apart from that incident it was a thrilling game with Brazil showing just how capable and fluid they can be in the first half. Things all went a bit adrift after what must have been words for Colombia in the dressing room at half time. They certainly picked up their game.

    Neymar may be the star player, but I’m not convinced he’s Brazil in the way Messi has become Argentina.

    The bigger problem now for Brazil is having Silva also out of Tuesday’s match, as Germany will not be showing any mercy.

    The thing with the Germans is to not allow them to score too early, and don’t score too early against them. If Brazil can lob one in just before half time and then another just after, they’ll have it in the bag, he said with wavering confidence..


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