The Pre-Final

Brazil & Germany Play
for a Place in History

So they meet again. After having never played each other in the World Cup for roughly 70 years, they made the 2002 final in Japan, with Brazil getting the best out of it. It’s taken Germany 12 years to have another crack at writing a new chapter on their competing legacies.
While for the Brazilians, that memorable night in Yokohama represented the apex of their soccer supremacy, winning a record fifth time the cup, for the Germans, there has never been a better chance than today to erase its bad taste with a victory in their opponent’s turf.
World Cup 2014 LogoThe two teams with the most wins in the competition, however, meet now under completely different circumstances. After all, this World Cup has shown a German squad with the usual resolve and efficiency, and a Brazilian one, plagued with all sorts of doubts and near misses.
While Germany has won with authority all but one of its games in the previous rounds, Brazil’s struggled to find its center, barely surviving false starts, penalty shootouts, and the catastrophic loss of its main player, Neymar. So at least on paper, the odds are in Germany’s favor.
But, without getting into that oft-told tale of science and the bumblebee, as many a Brazilian would love to remind you, in football, as in life, the best not always finishes first. Or whatever they’re telling each other as we speak, in order to keep their wits about it. For more, read below.
The vagaries of making predictions is that, even when one gets it somewhat right, it’s usually due to factors that were unknown at the time of the prediction. Stating the obvious, both teams are perfectly capable of delivering the fatal blow to each other, so we won’t be crazy to guess the winner.

One thought on “The Pre-Final

  1. Hello Wesley,
    I love your World Cup series. It’s more than a game. It’s identity.


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