The Final Insult

Netherlands’ Three-Punch
Knockout Finishes Brazil

The last possible achievement of the Brazilian national team, in the World Cup ending in Rio, was rudely snatched away by the Dutch: it gave Brazil yet another beating, 3X0, and once again left millions of fans, and a cast of players saddled with shame and sadness.
There were no redeeming qualities in the Seleção’s last stand, thoroughly trounced by a superior squad. The same that’d failed to defeat its biggest rival, Argentina, which will be playing the final against Germany. Brazilians do brace for the worst possible scenario.
World Cup 2014 LogoOnly in nightmares the country that so ambivalently embraced the cup, would have envisioned such a possibility of not being present at the big closing game, and also watching its neighbor stand a decent chance of being crowned right in its own backyard.
The Brazilian team now bidding farewell has amassed a miserable catalog of catastrophes in this edition. In a record for a semifinal game, it lost to Germany by the largest score in its history, suffered the most goals in a single tournament, and handed to them two coveted prizes: the most wins and the top scorer, Klose. More than a record, this looks like a rap sheet.
It’s now is expected to enter a long, dark night of disappointment and pain, as a new generation of brilliant players, as well as a new direction for its soccer model, will have to be nourished and nurtured long before it’ll be able to compete as an equal against other, better organized, teams. Would its five championships be next on the auction block?
Or, if you must, the beatings will continue till every point is driven home. It surely won’t happen next week, next year, and probably not even in the 2018 edition of the World Cup, in Russia. In the meantime, a little humbleness would go a long way, and it’d be useful to stop calling Brazilian football the best in the world, at least for a while.

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