Mission to Rio

‘My Schedule Is Full
For the Next 30 Years’

In a city Maubrey Destined, NYC, 2014like New York, you’re bound to run into someone like Maubrey Destined: a man with a dream and a meticulous plan to pursue it. But even with the many like him, in a place where eight million dream of reinventing themselves, we all could learn something from his quest.
The German-born Ghanaian-American 100-meter sprinter, who’s on a mission to make it to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, shows to whoever crosses his path, that second acts not just happen in America, but often may turn everything that came before into mere expensive prep work.
The Maubrey Destined Effect, the first volume of a trilogy about his journey from Europe, to Africa, to the U.S., offers hints of his road map to succeed, but also candidly reveals his peripatetic travails and early crashes and run ins with brutal, and bruising, realities.
The 30-year old polycultural world hiker has already had a taste of what it means to be both a precocious prodigy, covered by the accolades of family and friends, and a serious candidate to early failure, with cops and drug dealers in hot pursuit. But whereas many simply drop out, Destined re-Christened himself.
Yes, the name was one of his first acts of reinvention, in a long and storied arch that’s turned his raw talent for music and modeling, and innate high-wattage personal charm, into weapons for self propelling. No wonder he’s taken upon himself to inspire others, and often speaks like a preacher.
To have him tell you, his quest makes it for engaging copy, populated by interesting characters and taking place in exotic locales around the world. It also helps that being a model is his day job, of course. As such, one can’t help it but share his vision of a world where people believe they can do wonders by the sheer power of their drive.
He cites Michael Jackson, and at pretty much every other sentence, Jesus, as inspirations, role models who helped him navigate through a high-rolling lifestyle of expensive cars and clothes, and that would ultimately lend him on the streets, in jail, and threatened to be locked up for the rest of his days.
But he’s managed it all with unshakable optimism, it seems, and this summer, his quest brought him to New York, where he’s spent whole afternoons in front of trendy SOHO stores, publicizing his book and commitment to compete in Brazil. He says he’s sold already 10 thousand books and is close to have enough to cover his trip – and you’d better not bet against it.
Destined’s now back to South Beach, to resume his athletic training and concoct ways to make ends meet, part of a script followed with the zeal of the overachiever he hopes to become. In the two years between now and Brazil, he plans to have yet another book of the trilogy, and at least one CD of original material, coming out.
There are other books, and plans, and ideas, and they all seem to pop out of his mind on a minute basis. As it’s been said, many may have a similar gumption for life, gobbling obstacles as if they were sprinkles of extra fuel. But as far as Maubrey Destined is concerned, there’s really no one as destined to succeed as him.

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