Worst Than Thou

How We Gloat When
the Evil Clown Is Not Us

Careful, now, for we’re about to point fingers at people caught doing the despicable. So, let’s get this out of the way, first: we don’t like it one bit. But oh it feels so good that here’s hoping we’ll all come out of the experience better human beings. Kidding, of course.
When someone pays a fortune to shoot a wounded lion, we delude ourselves say we could never do that. Or kick refugee kids. Raise money for a cancer we never had? Shoot a puppy? We. Would. Never. Right? Oh but it must have felt so good to them. Despicable.
To be sure, we hate Internet mongering, and trolling, and public shaming, exactly because it lends everyone but the accused that phony, sanctimonious feeling they’re somehow above the rest. Which no one is, period. Besides such bullying is often on the account of someone’s hidden agenda.
That being said, the devil always reminds us of callous traders of human gullibility, ever eager to profit handsomely from our empathy juices, by sucking them dry. And who’d mostly walk free and sleep well if not caught on the randomness of the Internet. You know who you are.
We’re supposed to learn and grow from those experiences, nourishing ourselves with their cleansing powers, all along singing the praises of this imperfect world’s innate ability to provide opportunities for us to fulfill our highest aspirations. Not a fat chance in hell.

So, just as if on cue, comes news about that monument to good personhood, Petra Laszlo, a TV camerawoman who was caught on video kicking refugees fleeing the police in Hungary. Among ‘beneficiaries’ of her kicks, there were children and a father carrying his kids.
But what’s less in evidence is her employer, which has just fired her, a channel known for right wing ideas and intolerance. Among its latest tactics, is the deployment of crews to record clashes between migrants and the police, which it then broadcasts to instigate hatred against foreigners.
Not letting his 15-minute disperse into oblivion just yet, beloved lion Cecil’s killer, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, went back (more)
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to work, amid shouts of ‘Murderer.’ Because, as he put it, he’s a ‘health professional,’ and his ‘patients support’ him. The cash also comes in handy.

Cancer is such a metastasizing industry that everyday another branch springs out, to join the overabundance of misery and the research labs’ staggering profits. Take the high-profile, fund-raiser fake cancer survivor for instance. Even you’d be surprised at their proclivity and malignancy.
For two years, former Miss Pennsylvania International Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates had been raising funds for the treatment of her alleged leukemia. In one, head-shaved interview, she actually thanked her community for having come to the rescue of ‘someone in need.’ Now, she’s in jail.
As it turns out, the only infirmity she had was, maybe, mental. It’s not clear how much she swindled out of pious donors, or if they’ll ever be completely reimbursed. But, regardless how long she’s kept away, don’t be surprised if she comes out with new-found faith in god and a book tour.
Australians went through a similar rude awakening when a ‘wellness guru’ was unmasked for pushing a line of products she claimed had cured her fake cancer. Beside placebos, she’s also profit on hope, a high-priced commodity. But unlike Brandi, Belle Gibson‘s still to spend a day in jail. Good luck getting a refund.
To give the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible that Maria Furtado was invested on her toddler and teenage kids’ learning curve, when she stole her neighbor’s puppy, drove to the Nevada desert, and shot but didn’t kill the dog, which was left to agonize behind. Possible but unlikely.
It’s also possible that she’s justified forcing her 15-year-old son to shoot Duke too, based on her unproved suspicious that the animal had killed her ducklings. But even if, she’s definitely found a niche in the hall of shame of despicable human beings, and may spend a few years in prison.
No amount of jail time will ever be enough, though. And while she, like most murderers, certainly can handle it, her two children won’t likely be off the hook until, well, forever, really. Let’s hope they can cope with it before that. Or they may come for our own puppies someday.

There’s no lesson on listing but five of humanity’s terrible specimens, at least if self-introspection is of any help to any of us. We know that slice of wickedness simply too well. Neither we’re about to engage into a pompous argument on the infinitude of stages and gradations of evil.
But on the same token, we’re not republishing these people’s faces even on a post that’s as ephemeral as is public indignation about their deeds. Instead, enjoy the wonderfully scary clowns by photographer Eolo Perfido, which may provide the depth and insight the text may lack. And never be one of them.

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