Invisible Beings

Tip for Praisers & Dismissers of
God or Jesus: Courts Ignore You

Given the circumstances, God has nothing to complain about. After all, being such a busybody, the fact that more people seem to be unhappy with their lives, something they attribute to divine creation, shouldn’t come as a surprise. These days, someone is always trying to sue god.
But while restraining orders have been placed against the father, the son gets considerably more sympathy. Jesus is generally seen either as a naive chap, crushed by the world, or a marketing genius, with shrewd PR skills. Some are even accepting that, grasp, he was not white.Touristic Attraction: <em>Ecce Homo</em> (Touristic Attraction- Elías García Martínez,1930) & Cecilia Giménez's Infamous 2012 Restoration
God, as John Lennon put it on a song, is a concept by which we measure our pain, an insight so weighty he felt the need to repeat it. It’s the same song that contains the dream is over verse, a fitting epitaph for the 1960s, the love and peace era, ruled by the hippie Superstar Jesus.
God is dead, declared Friedrich Nietzsche in the 1880s, a memo that huge swaths of believers are yet to get. While they won’t give the thought the time of the day, the universal search for diverse models of moral rectitude upon which to base one’s lives, has cost many theirs, truly.
An inventory of all tragic, vicious, terrible things done in the name of either God or Jesus (check his obituary), throughout history, as well as lots of good, too, could go here. We’ll write a detailed post about it once the two parallel tracks meet, and members of both camps depose their weapons.

This week, David Shoshan joined a long and qualified list of those who’ve taken God to court: he filed a restraining order, claiming the almighty treated him badly. Who hasn’t felt that way? The judge threw his suit out, advising him to seek help from the medical establishment.
Better excuse was given to Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers, in 2008: the defendant has no earthly address. It turns out, like any celebrity, the superduper has an unlisted number. The court, despite acknowledging God itself, could not properly notify him. Case dismissed.
Insurance companies routinely invoke An act of god, to justify denying coverage, so both dismissals sit on shaky judicial ground. Others have been no luckier, from Jews suing for the Holocaust, (more)
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to a convicted murderer blaming his baptism for not offering protection against his own impulses. There’s a movie too.

In the early 1920s, even a corporate preacher like Bruce Barton was tired of the Caucasian, blue-eyed, long-haired son of god, and decided to inject his message with a more capitalistic bite. That wasn’t hard for him, a successful public relations hack himself.
Stripping Jesus of all that nonsense of offering the other cheek (but keeping his race), he imbued him instead of the sobriquet marketing genius. Barton went on to create the Americana character Betty Crocker, another reference to the relentlessly driven U.S. business world, circa early 20th century.
If positive criticism was bred out of that merciless corporate America world, then Mike Lacher‘s Client Feedback on the Creation of Earth takes it to another level. Gems: Are winged birds final or placeholder? and Cut the ‘be fruitful and multiply’ stuff. We’re a family brand and it doesn’t fit with our voice. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Invisible Beings

  1. unclerave says:

    You kind of lost me near the end, Wes! I did enjoy most of it though. I also “Liked” Bryan’s comment, although I don’t consider myself an atheist. (I identify as a pantheist.) I’ve been saying for decades that the most dangerous line in the Bible is: Be fruitful and multiply. Extremely shortsighted. But, considering how relatively few humans there were, when the PR firm wrote that manual, I guess it’s understandable. It’s full of nonsensical lines, by today’s standards. — YUR

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll only believe in God when she (he) sues me for not believing in him (her).

    Liked by 2 people

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