Guilty As Charged

World Indicts 2016 For
Crimes Against Humanity

We found it. For a while, it was as if another year would’ve gone by and we’d be still at lost finding the source of the world’s ills. Not this time. 2016 has been universally named the evilest on record. Now we can all go back to our business of turning it all worst that it ever was.
It started deceivingly like any other year, but not for long. Looking back, by March it was clear that there wouldn’t be a contest, but some were still hesitant to make such an early call. Now there’s hardly anyone disagreeing about the choice. Well done everybody.
Here are, in no particular order, the Top 10 Counts brought forth against 2016, whose powerful punch has managed to beat to a pulp some of history’s most notoriously perverse, and blood-thirsty, years:
1. Failure to interrupt and/or reverse rising global temperatures, and resulting increased glacier melting, wildfires, and extreme weather.
2. Neglect to interrupt, minimize, or do away with the harrowing intensity of the era’s ever more numerous wars, carnage, and mayhem.
3. Criminal extermination of countless animal and plant species, some of which we may never have even known they existed.
4. Inability to promote a healthy, all-inclusive, comprehensive worldwide discussion of ways to improve the well being of humankind.
5. Incompetence to prioritize the fight against inequality, boosting instead the prospect of a parasitic minority to grow even wealthier.
6. All-time record for excessive casualties of well known, excellent human beings, whose lives have made the world a better place.
7. Creating conditions that conspired and befell female world leaders from positions of power, replacing them with corrupted males.
8. Relentless persecution of races, social strata, and ethnic groups, with special cruelty towards the poor, blacks, and non-white faiths.
9. Rehabilitation and promotion of hate speech and discriminatory ideologies, charged for past genocides, to the mainstream of society.
10. Shameless persecution of fact-based common truth and reality, and advancement of false theories and fake news for profit.

As we said, for a moment it seemed that we’re making the same mistake we’ve done over and over again: choosing the wrong scapegoat to blame for our disgraceful lot in life. But experts and analysts agree, all evidence does point to this malodorous 2016.
We’re so pleased to finally lift this burden off our shoulders that it’s now almost pointless to reveal the password to access this year: mankind.
Aren’t you glad that 2017’s on deck, ready to pounce? Happy New Year.

11 thoughts on “Guilty As Charged

  1. Dina says:

    Amen, Yes, Sigh. Let’s get on with it.
    All the best,
    The Fab Four

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  2. unclerave says:

    Whey yo at, bra??? LOL! I do hope you are enjoying some well deserved time off. Recharging your batteries, and coming to terms with the Trump paradigm, such as it is. I want(ed) to give him “a chance”, but all his appointees and his inaugural speech are very unnerving, to say the least.

    Hope all is well, Wes.

    — YUR

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    • Colltales says:

      Thanks Uncle. You’re right, and I hope you’re doing OK too. Trying to get back on the saddle, just like everybody else, I guess. One day at the time, it’s all we can handle for now. Cheers


  3. tmezpoetry says:

    If I can add here a ray of light- people like you who continue to work through blogging about justice, peace and the fight we must all be involved even when the results look dim or unaffected by these efforts, they are not. As bloggers, we keep each other sane 🙂 Hugs!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Colltales says:

      That’s kind of you to say, Tammy, in what I’m concerned. I admire your efforts too, and they inspire me to carry on. Don’t necessarily feel like a winner, though, but that’s beside the point I guess. Still on a break, wondering if it’s worth resuming. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

      • tmezpoetry says:

        If the break is rejuvenating then no, not time to come back. If I have to lock you in the rejuvenating, self nurturing room I will do it hehe

        Liked by 1 person

      • Colltales says:

        Thanks for the well intentioned words, but I’m afraid I’m beyond ‘rejuvenation’ lol. But I take the extra room on my mind for not being concerned about what to write about gives me. Even if I feel a bit guilty about it. Bowie’s (and a friend’s son’s five year birthday to go) beats all that.
        Have a great Sunday.

        Liked by 2 people

      • tmezpoetry says:

        Stubborn, shaking head. Have a great Sunday as well 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. unclerave says:

    “Intentional extermination”??? Tragic losses, for sure. But . . .
    — YUR

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