Call Upon You

Casting Gentle Spells
On a Cursing President

In strange times, people think about strange things. And see them anew. Take human sacrifice: it was about social control, new research shows, not pleasing gods. And witchcraft couldn’t be about Satanism, for that’s a clearly Christian-derived concept. Who knew?
That brings us to Donald Trump. No, he’s not considering reviving ritualistic killings. Or the Colosseum, for that matter. Not yet, anyway. But casting spells are indeed back, and against him. Since that’s at least linked to medieval witchcraft, what now: the Earth’s flat?
Actually, this is pernicious idiocy with surprising adopters. Along your usual conspiracy nuts, it now includes people who travel by plane or boat, and still deny the planet’s curvature they see from above, or the fact that no one ever fell off the ‘edge’ of the ocean.
They’re obviously creating their own facts and should be stopped, immediately. In fact, those who find rationality still reliable, and reality a common experience, fear we’re entering the pre-dawn of a retrograde age, a stop short of murdering the educated by decree.
While they discredit empirical science and equate lies to observable fact, others forget that the Khmer Rouge sent children to patrol the Killing Fields and hunt down those who could read and write. In one generation, they’ve exterminated teachers, doctors and nurses.

There’s more to throwing virgins off a cliff than folklore would allow, of course. Even before blood sacrifices spread out, there was already a sanctioned form of killing human beings, with little legal consequence, and the possible bonus of becoming a hero in the process: war.
Kings and queens, royalty and clergy have all been the target (more)
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of spells, cast either to drive them off the face of the Earth, or at least, prevent them from doing harm. It’s unclear whether any has worked, but that’s never kept anyone from trying.
Spells and incantations directed at a modern president, though, that may be a first. Given the untimely fate met by most of those who did that sort of stuff for a living, a mere century or two ago, it’s unlikely this time will be any different. But let’s cheer up the effort.
That this got started during Carnival, pagan time by excellence, is probably by design. Just owing a wan made the Harry Potter saga well worthy, at least for a while. But alas, every party may have its built-in curbing Ash Wednesday.

No one knows how it all got started, by the way. But what began on February 24th,’at the stroke of midnight,’ will continue ‘on every waning crescent moon’ till Trump is removed from office (and don’t mention Pence). Feels good to cast off a flesh-and-bone Voldemort.
Straight arrows will argue that there are more effective, and easier to prove, ways of setting political targets, that don’t involve backpain-inducing after-hours dancing. But many an arrow got broken last November, and there’s just too much in the crosshairs right now.
Others doubt that this amounts more to than just a flash in a pan. But due credit be given to skeptics, we’re not throwing babies into volcanoes just to please the flowing lava. Moreover, as they say in Latin America, ‘yo no creo en brujas, pero que las hay, las hay.’

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