The Thriller Is Gone

Michael Jackson, Who’d
Be 59 Moonwalks Today

When he used to pop and flare up his dance moves and magnetism, no one could touch him. And when he crashed and burned, his ashes spread out quickly, and took with them the legend of a tainted Peter Pan. Still his talents remain unmatched.
He shot to fame during what now looks like tamed times, but just as he ascended, he was taking the unwitting steps that brought him down, like a defective Icarus. Musically, his legacy may have been all but relegated to obsolescence.
As he stretched that Motown sound that could be no longer, the deconstruction of rap was prescribing his irrelevance. But only a spiritual black son of Fred Astaire, breakthrough brother of Prince, and perennial stardust pixie, could reach such heights of divine entertainment.
Today we won’t remember the grotesque caricature he crafted, which ultimately consumed his gifts. Nor his despicable tabloid reign, or the misguided dream of racial reengineering. We’ll believe, for a moment, in that elusive delusion of eternal youth he pursued with abandon.
That he failed is the personal tragedy which he ultimately shared with the humanity that he fought so hard to be free of. He had already passed and gone way before the June, 2009, headlines that finally confirmed. At that point, he just switched coffins.
The moment in time he’s seized so brilliantly, though, has no expiration date. That’s why once, we all wanted to be Michael Jackson, the boy wonder who, despite captive to a nightmare, still managed to create a fairy tale out of pure dreams and sheer magic.

3 thoughts on “The Thriller Is Gone

  1. Colltales says:

    He was an extraordinary artist, and his legacy will live on. As for his inner demons, who wound up consuming him and may have caused irreparable damage to some of those who trusted him, is something that we may need to consider when it comes to entrust our children to strangers, no matter how celebrated they are. Parents of those children are as responsible for what did or did not happen as he was; the difference is that they had a choice, and chose poorly, thinking that what they had to gain was more important than the wellbeing of their kids. Thanks for your input.


  2. godtisx says:

    I think most people die badly, and the spirit sometimes starts early before the body and mind. Maybe it’s the knowledge of what’s coming and that one way or another we are leaving. I dunno.

    With everything that happened, I think he is magnificent. Dunno if I believe the child abuse stuff…

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