A Beautiful Moment

The Youth Are Challenging
America to End Gun Violence

The March for Our Lives brought hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. to peacefully protest the many innocent lives lost to gun violence. Led by survivors of the massacre of Valentine’s Day at the Parkland, Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it may signal a badly needed turning point.
Americans took the streets of Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, and other cities, to support the young facing an avoidable mortal danger, and deplore the administration’s indifference to the issue, and Congress’ unwillingness to do anything about it. Their fight is our fight.
Whether the students’ courageous example will finally force approval of sensible gun legislation remains to be seen. It’ll require to beat the National Rifle Association at its game, as well as reversing people’s apathy and sense of hopelessness. But no one dares to doubt its legitimacy and crucial need.
Our Blood Is On Your Hands.’ ‘Guns Have More Rights Than My Vagina.’ ‘Will I Be Next?‘ ‘My Students Won’t Need Kevlar,’ among many others, the protesters were emphatic, creative, and straight to the point: we won’t take it anymore, they shouted. It’s time to show that neither we.
Besides the grief, indignation, and fear, though, the March was a beautiful show of civility, of people of all ages, races, credos, and sexual orientation, expressing their collective will in a democratic way. They showed up and issued a warning: end the easy availability of assault weapons or we’ll end your mandate.
To this troubled country and times, the #MarchForOurLives was by far the best event to happen this week. We must continue pressing on, demanding accountability from our representatives, so to grant this new generation what they’ve already earned: the right to remain alive and the right to vote.

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