Life W/O Lennon

That Cold Night
in December 1980

Thanks for always being on our side.

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4 thoughts on “Life W/O Lennon

  1. unclerave says:

    I was living 6 doors up from the Dakota back then. I remember waking up to the sound of singing around 2:30 – 3:00. I believe it was “Give Peace a Chance”. Went back to sleep and found out about John’s death on the morning news on WNEW-FM. “Strange days, indeed.” — YUR

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    • Colltales says:

      It was unreal. My friend’s neighbor told us that some Lemon had been shot and killed. I said, oh, Jack Lemin, the actor? When she said, no, the guy from the Beatles, I’ve froze. Glad I’d a band on tour, so we included Yer Blues to the playing list the following Wed. Still hurts. Cheers

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  2. fontourateixeira says:

    I’ll be always on your side,my brother of arms!

    Enviado do meu smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

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