Valentine Sway

Give a Chance For Romance &
Keep the Devil Out of Your Heart

Here’s a buzzkill: when a gunman murdered 17 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and staff, in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14, 2018, the real Valentine’s Day tradition in the U.S. was reaffirmed. For loved ones of the fallen, that was the worst day of their lives.
Yet sweethearts and would-be lovers will exchange vows, roses, and chocolate today, hoping this will be their best year. Life goes on, for sure. Even as noble feelings and massacres can’t never mix, many a lifetime of mutual infatuation stories will take root before 12am.
Blame it on Al Capone, who in all likelihood ordered the infamous massacre of seven Chicago minions, 90 years ago today. Or the 3rd-century Roman priest killed on this date. Not that such a sobering history has ever crossed any innamorato’s mind.
That’s probably for the better. Misanthropes, the unengaged, skeptics, and lonely wolves notwithstanding, we’re all in this together, so some may as well pick a mate or two, and dive right into the whirlpool of affection and impossibly achievable goals of eternal devotion and faith.
To choose such venue has an undeniable edge, a rare instance when caring beats automatic weapons. For that they’ll ride high at moments, and suffer much in the end, but there’s no business like the one of loving someone. The other will always be worthier than thou.

Learning that some 1,200 American children have been killed since the Parkland shooting, and that only a few states, including Florida, have passed somewhat restrictive gun control legislation, doesn’t seem too encouraging, after such a tragedy. But that’s only part of the story.
Since then, we’ve got to know Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Sam Zelf, Cameron Kasky, and others, survivors who became national leaders for gun laws, with the moral authority to demand change. That Congress still remains unmoved by any of that is typical but hopefully won’t last.
These kids didn’t sit still. Throughout 2018, they led several national mass rallies, calling for action from Washington, to prevent another afternoon like the one they’ve endured. (more)
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Apart from Senator Bernie Sanders, though, or Congressmember Gabby Giffords, no other politician or elected official cared to show up.

Anyone can have the V-Day they’d like, however, and thankfully, a majority will choose a rather pleasant one. Florists are happy, restaurants, overbooked, and sales of Hallmark cards, sweets, and liquor, are up to the roof. Never mind the non-believers, they say.
Pairs and their variations will be everywhere, hand in hand, eye on eye, causing envy, cheers, elation or pure nausea, and that’s just fine. Many will seek the unusual, the rare, and the unheard of to treasure their sweethearts, away from the common and beaten (heart) path.
NYC water treatment plants offer visits to their facilities, noxious fumes and all, for just that kind of adventurous spirit. The Bronx Zoo is going for broke: name a cockroach after your chosen one. Beanies, socks, and mugs, are also available. But not the roach.
If tonight is all about to show everyone your love, by all means, go ahead and make love, not war. After all, how many chances has a person during a lifetime to express feelings towards another, before the tsunami of the world comes rushing in? Don’t answer that.
Make it special, keep it simple, speak little, and save the receipts. If you put on the work, things should go smoothly. Get a pocketful of interesting questions to ask, and a heart stuffed with goodwill. If you’re not expecting a happy ending, one may just be in store for you.
There’s still a lot of winter ahead, but spring is just around the corner. With luck, you may be close to the same person by Christmas. A word of caution, though: prick up your ears, for all bets are off if you hear a ‘No.’ Be a good sport and Happy Valentine‘s Day.

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