Curtain Raiser

Tell Him to Move Out of DC, Colltalers

Georgia’s recounted its votes and certified Joe Biden as the presidential winner. Today Michigan and Pennsylvania will do the same, and by Dec. 1 so will Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin. That’s why President Donald Trump may be about to concede his defeat and congratulate his opponent. Not.
Thus, upon careful consideration, we offer that the President-elect should lead a great march to the White House to tell in person our current lame-duck leader that he needs to move out so America may move on. If not by Thursday Thanksgiving then before the 300.000th American dies of coronavirus.
But before dwelling on the disturbing and entirely avoidable constitutional crisis that may make or break the olde U.S. of A., let’s start with the other pandemic which has been unwittingly aggravated by the virus lockdowns: femicide. Even before the global health scare, the number of women being murdered, including transgender and other non-binaries, was already rampant in Latin America, with Brazil and Mexico leading the despicable way.
Now, it’s ever more visible that the sad phenomenon is not restricted to that region only; Australia had 45 women killed this year, according to Destroy the Joint. In the U.K., a Femicide Census found that over a ten-year period, more than 1,400 women have been violently killed by men, foe or friend. Wednesday kicks off a U.N.-sponsored ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence,’ which will hold global activities to increase awareness.
Despite significant support from women for the confessed rapist who’s just lost the U.S. presidential race, the trend runs counter wise around the world. Women are having a decisive impact on government and authoritarian regimes, and Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Canada, South Africa, Israel, France, and many others have seen huge rallies, for not just women’s reproductive rights but also the sacred right to remain alive, being disrupted by the police.
Speaking of Australia, it’s also been shaken by an official report about elite forces that allegedly killed Afghan civilians and prisoners in ‘competition killings.‘ Unlike what happened in the U.S., though where the president granted clemency to war crimes-accused troops, the Australian Defense Force has apologized and recommended a full investigation and possible criminal penalties to many of those involved, some of which are still on active duty.
In Brazil, the beating to death of João Alberto Silveira Freitas by security officers and an off-duty cop at a grocery chain has ignited widespread protests, augmented by nationwide municipal elections, some now heading to a second round. The killing caught on video was witnessed by his family on the eve of the national holiday Black Awareness Day. So far, neither President Jair Bolsonaro nor close members of his cabinet have cited the tragedy.
And in France, former president Nicolas Sarkozy appears in court today to defend himself from accusations of corruption and influence peddling. He’s been charged with trying to bribe a magistrate overseeing yet another probe against the president who presided over the French from 2007 to 2012.
Mostly, the Trump administration will leave no good deeds in its wake, and the fact that he’s still ensconced in the White House entertaining all sorts of ways to overthrow the results of the election shows clearly that he’s not interested in a new mandate so he can finally put an end to the pandemic. The reality is that he no longer feels the need to even address the devastation, let alone lead us out of it. Thus, why he wants to stay president so badly?
Don’t answer that. Trump is still using his power to plan a way out – and sign vicious executive orders: he’s just lifted protections on pristine Tongass National Forest, an American treasure. President Biden may reverse that but not before exposing Trump’s extreme ill-intent upon leaving his office.
The man who beat all U.S. voting records and will be sworn on next January has been all but prevented from having any hold in the present crisis. Which is unfortunate to near 13 million Americans struggling to survive Covid-19 and who may not be at the frontline of vaccine lines. Only Biden can mandate that treatment be administered to anyone free of charge and in order of severity, not to those who have other means of paying for the shot.
Which brings us to the not completely transparent process of forming his cabinet. Over the weekend, ‘Biden Be Bold,’ a movement to pry open the nomination chain to include more minority members, has started pushing for more seats at the table, alarmed by some notorious corporate names being considered. Despite the Democratic Party, they want decisive action against climate change, institutional racism, and income inequality right now.
To show how he won’t easily forget that progressives in this country decisively helped him get elected, President-elect Biden should lead a great march to symbolically reclaim the White House to its now legitimate administrators: the near 80 million who voted for him expressly to remove Trump.
Biden should stand side by side with environmental activist groups, human rights organizations, Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, immigration law advocates, citizens for labor justice and gun regulation, that is, the broad coalition that defied the status quo – and all disenfranchising attempts by the Republicans – to register and help people to vote. It’d be risky but beautiful and proof that a new dawn is rising in America and Trump is not part of it.
Friday marked 75 years from the start of Germany’s Nuremberg Trials, which judged and sentenced 24 Third Reich political and military leaders, for the Holocaust and widespread crimes against humanity. The trials set crucial jurisprudence for war crimes, such as the dismissal of ‘following orders’ defense argument, and the practice of genocide, or ethnic cleansing, as an acceptable military tactic. They held the world’s breath for nearly a year.
Many believe that only a type of international, high-profile trial such as the Nuremberg, with a focus on accountability and illicit enrichment, would reset parameters for what a fair and honest administration should be. Word has it that the president loses sleep about the possibility of being sued as a civilian and that fuels his anger and refusal to concede. 22 failed, frivolous lawsuits later, he may not have a choice or even the support of the GOP.
In fact, the president is becoming ever more irrelevant to the reality we’re all living in. It’s obvious that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell while talking the talk, has no longer anything to gain from Trump’s survival; he stands a good chance to keep his job and now the Supreme Court is also his to take. It’s not that the president has no support; just that now it’s only the people he deceived and convinced to vote for him who nevertheless are powerless.
But no one should underestimate the breadth and depth of four years of back-room deals, nepotism, corruption, and above all, incompetence to govern. The wealthy folks he helped – while he mismanaged the crisis, 647 of the richest Americans added almost a trillion dollars to their fortunes – got what they wanted and may continue to do so with Biden. Even those he picked to lead the pillage have the means and the self-survival sense to withdraw support. In the end, Trump’s just an old corrupt man used to discarding people being himself discarded. Still, we say, ‘Get the Hell Out!. Now.‘ Cheers


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