Kicking Ash

When Ashes From the Departed
Become Their Ever Lasting Gifts

Rites of passage, and we mean the rite of passing from this cheerful valley of colorful souls to the other side, no info available, is a sensitive matter in our culture. Whereas much ancient civilizations spent a lot of their time planning, expecting, mourning and celebrating the departure of their loved ones, we seem to reserve only the third emotion of the list to usher away our own.
Things may be changing, though. More people are being cremated now, which means two things: we’re getting the ashes right away, and incorporating them to other things. Sending them in rockets, making rings and beads. Or pressing a vinyl album with our very own greatest hits on it. Sounds fun? It certainly beats burning bodies by the river where later we plan on diving for a swim.
Maybe we’re finally relaxing about this whole business of being done and over with it. Or perhaps we’re beginning to suspect that life, as we know it, may be a tad overrated. In any event, people still bury each other in expensive lots of land, or keep the ashes of their loved ones in urns on the mantelpiece, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.
And so it shouldn’t either if you have a case of trailblazing fever, and want a send off to the stars for you or someone you care about, a la Timothy Leary and others. It may cost you extra bucks, but funerals Continue reading