Missing You

Three of Us, One
Life So Precious

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I know exactly where my heart is.
To the best a bleeding fool can only hope to dream of, here’s to you both, Boconcini & Margareta.

For a brief moment, I finally knew what it’s all about.
Now you’re the air I breathe, and the I’m the one who curls. You roam inside me, and I hardly tell the world.

As lovers sing, and I agree, there may be many other nights like this, but I’ll be hardly standing there as new.
Perhaps it was our time to last, the very best of those that counted. I’m just glad we had each other, when days were longer, and my worries so few.
Now even the chill of another September makes me cry and wonder. I should be so grateful, and yet I just feel so sad. So here’s to you both, and to the days we’ve once shared.