Polly & Meow

Kubrick’s Psychic Pet
& a Farewell to a Cat

Extra Sensory Perception, the supposedly ability of some people to be aware of things without the use of the their five senses, was one of the main themes of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 screen adaptation of Stephen King novel The Shinning. The director acknowledged as much when he spoke with French film critic Michel Ciment. And mentioned his own cat, Polly, to exemplify how he perceived the issue.
There’s nothing ESP about the death of 2-year-old Meow, the Albuquerque, New Mexico, cat who made headlines around the world because of his weight, a whooping 39 pounds. Despite efforts to trim it down by an animal shelter in Santa Fe, to where he was brought over after his human companion could no longer care for him, he passed away due to respiratory failure.
The yellow and white tabby managed to make a lasting impression after only one TV appearance, who knows why, unlike millions of fat animals and people we see everyday. He was not even the fattest either, a dubious honor bestowed to an Australian feline who died years ago. That was the last time the Guinness Book of Records accepted entries in this category.
A wise decision indeed, if at least to prevent unethical owners from deliberately overfeeding their pets. We’re not so sure about our own decision, of even making a post out of this non-event. But since people seem to have taken a liking of Meow, which is reflected in the outpouring of grief and support directed at the shelter where he lived his last days, we said, let’s go for it.
Even if we have to scratch the surface of, heaven forbid, the paranormal.
But if you are among those who consider The Shinning the best movie made out of King’s work, a sentiment not shared by the novel’s own author, then you too may be having a feeling of Deja Vu right now Continue reading