When the End (of Summer)
Is All But Nigh, Improvise!

The sinking feeling is happening more often now. As soon as August hits, while some press on to finish the prep work for a memorable vacation, the rest of us is left to deal with the possibility, ever more concrete, that we’re not going anywhere. Now, now, cheer up, though.
Think how you’ll be spared of crowded airports, cesspool-suffused hotel rooms, displays of raw rage, from fellow flyers and underpaid airline staff, and those walks by the water’s edge start to feel pretty satisfying. Go ahead, have another sip of your lemon-wedged iced water.
Considering just such a possibility – and we’re not saying that you’re definitely out of luck – we raided our files for some encouraging season-appropriate stories. You know, to go along with the exquisite shots you took at the neighbor’s B-B-Q, or the sunset at the local park.
So here are three posts and a travelogue. They’re chockfull of tips for the weary tripper; unusual (and cheap) destinations; dos and don’ts for a seasonal pro such as yourself; and a few commute shots to help you prove to everyone how overrated vacations really are.
To take time off is a state of mind, a magical space you pry open and occupy free of thoughts, to reach deep relaxation and strength, and renew every fiber of your being. There’s no need to go anywhere. Not really, but we thought it’d be nice to end this post on that kind of note.
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* No Way Vacay
* Train of Moths


No Way, Vacay

Cheap Thrills for the
Broke & the Uninsured

Here are three fresh suggestions for you to spend the dog days of the season, all in North America. Since most of us have no tax-haven accounts to protect or offshore mansions to hide, so to avoid pesky inquiries about our personal wealth, we have to go for the jugular of the unvarnished entertainment, the raw sensations, the truly unexpected. Or as they say back home, the cheap seats.
Up north, there’s a former prison with all the lack of amenities a growing number of Americans ‘enjoy’ these days, including one-ply toilet paper, except that no one may hurt you at night. Head down south to reenact the gruesome experience of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. Or you can always choose to visit any of the continent’s dirtiest and worst-kept beaches. Bon Voyage.
Or rather, not so fast. Let’s check our luggage first, and see whether we’re up to the task ahead. You know what that means: anywhere you go, you’ll need some cash. Perhaps one of those dozens of credit card offers you’ve been getting lately would come handy. We’re not saying anything, and if you quote us on that, we’ll deny it.
Also, since you’re probably living off odd jobs for a while, you may think that no one will notice that you’re missing. Don’t make that mistake, for as soon as you take your seat on that cross-country bus, for the five or six hours trip, you phone will be ringing off, well, the battery. So you may want to take your time and let everyone know, just in case.
Not that it’ll make much of a difference. That last job, two weeks ago, didn’t really go as well as you’d planned, and we have a feeling that you haven’t had the heart to tell you significant other about the pay cut either. In any case, just because you told them you’d be away, it doesn’t mean it will still be there for you. Pray that it will or prepare for if it’s not.
As a last resort, and we know what you’re going to say, there’s always Uncle Bob. Come on, you haven’t forgiven him for raiding little Timmy’s pig bank when you still had a decent job. What was that he used to call you then? High roller or something. Well, he’s always scratching those cards, so maybe he got lucky. So, pay him a visit. You just have to find him first. Good luck.
Finally, you may want to instruct everyone that these are no ordinary vacations. So there’s going to be a lot of junk food, cold buffet, hanging at the pool of the Marriott without being a guest, the works. Teach them well, so you won’t be too embarrassed if they get caught. Which, if happens, will be by someone who’s just as broke as you, but at least, has got a summer job.
And think positive, will ya? Enough of this funky attitude. Time to kick back and have your ice cup of fountain water as if you own it. (more)
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