Half-Past Child

The Teen Brain
of Adolescence

Chances are, if you have a teenager or two living at your home, you may have been puzzled by how their minds work. Or how you should kill them. Either way, you’re definitely not alone in this quagmire: they wouldn’t be able to tell you either.
Parents, siblings, psychologists, and pretty much everyone and the grandfather of that oh so adjusted adolescent who suddenly murdered his whole family, have agonized over what makes those years between childhood and early adulthood so mind boggling.
At least, since the concept of adolescence itself was created around the time the Industrial Revolution. It definitely changed forever the way humans were supposed to be raised, grow and leave their homes to join the world workforce and form families of their own.
Such radical changes haven’t stopped reshaping the nuclear family ever since. After WWII, specially, new generations effectively took the helm of society mores with the birth of a youth culture that suddenly was no longer expected to follow on their parents’ footsteps.
The pill and the sexual revolution of the 1960s helped to consolidate Continue reading