The Beta Factor

Radio Has Many Fathers
But Only One Takes Credit

Radio created itself, as they say. But Italian Giglielmo Marconi is credited as its first facilitator, the one that actually tamed its waves into a serviceable device. The historical record though actually points to a combination of inventions and circumstances at the device’s origin, not to a single inventor. Among the many that have anticipated and laid down the path for Marconi, there’s Brazilian Roberto Landell de Moura. But you probably never heard of him, have you?
History is littered with great inventors, visionaries, people who could’ve changed history itself but didn’t, or couldn’t, Continue reading

Geese on Death Row

“Revenge!” Cry Families of
Geese Shot in Prospect Park

In a case that may go all the way to the Supreme Court, high-powered lawyers for relatives of the hundreds of low-flying Canadian geese who were executed by federal agents last month in a Brooklyn park filed yet another appeal for a stay on their death sentence.
For the memory-challenged, the geese were accused of causing a near tragedy over the skies of New York City when they clogged an airplane’s turbines and forced its pilot to an early retirement as a hero. The now worldwide famous Viagra-powered captain managed to land the plane on the Hudson River, travelers and crew safe and sound.
The lawyers claim their clients are being unfairly targeted Continue reading

Fire in the Sky

Official Calls Mysterious Missile-Like
Light Over LA ‘Contrail of an Airplane’

Whatever it was that seemed to be speeding away off the coast of Los Angeles Monday evening it was like an orphan for a while. For neither the Navy nor the Air Force or NORAD or anyone from the Homeland Security wanted to have anything to do with it. Cue the proverbial anonymous official, who finally came forward, sort of, to tell the LA Times that it was just an aircraft. You know, one of those things.
Not a missile. Not a rocket. Not a speeding bullet or the Superman himself. Just a prosaic, probably commercial airplane, leaving its signature condensation trail behind, according to the shy official Continue reading