Give Paws

U.K. Bans Circus Animals
& Others May Follow Suit

In one of those rare instances when the U.K. followed a trend set months ago by China, and then some, the British Parliament voted last week to ban wild animal in circuses, overcoming fierce opposition from its current conservative government.
It was a victory for the animals and their advocates, who have been waging battle against a system and an industry never short in claims of indiscriminate abuse and cruelty against the defenseless creatures.
Last year, in a surprised move, China had declared all wild animal circus acts illegal, even though issues of enforcement Continue reading

Pet Offender

Suffolk to Track
Animal Abusers

Here’s a national registry that couldn’t have come any time sooner. Just like sex offenders are required by law to disclose their whereabouts to a nationwide database, so will people convicted of offenses against animals, at least in this Long Island, New York, county.
It’s the equivalent to the Megan’s Law, which was finally established after one too many brutal atrocities against children were committed by convicted criminals at large. Continue reading