Despicable News

Baby Pills (Not That Kind), Snake
Massacre & Death of a Rare Bunny

Follow the news can be a bloody sport. We search our files for some uplifting story, and all we come up with is a series of grisly reports we’re not even sure we should’ve been collecting. And it’s not all just police cases here, lest we have no stomach for them anyway. But be warned that what follows is not for the faint of heart either.
Thus, while South Korean agents caught a shipment of pills made with human baby flesh, in Brazil, a trio of fanatics murdered an unknown number of people, and used the meat to prepare pastries. Compared to that, the annual killing of rattlesnakes in Texas, and the cameraman who stepped on a celebrity bunny may seem like no big deal.
But be careful now. In the face of an unspeakable act of cruelty, our brains tend to selectively view other offenses as of a ‘lesser’ kind. Although most of us are wired to be utterly disturbed by violent crimes against people, it’s not our call to let the guard down when it comes to animals. As they say, most serial killers ‘practiced’ on their pets, before graduating to become monsters.
No point in dwelling in the pathology of crime either, or whatever the hell goes on in a assassin’s mind. The common thread among these Continue reading

Horned & Endangered

Attacking Hippos, Upside Down
Rhinos & One Depressed Elephant

And you thought vegetarians were not aggressive. Tell that to a charging 6.000 pounds angry herbivore. It happens all the time.
In other news, there’s a novel way to relocate rhinos. Hint: it’s off the ground. Is that why elephants get depressed?
What’s about hippopotamuses, rhinoceros and elephants that makes us see them as kindred spirits? Their weight, size and diet? Social organization? Or just our plain ignorance?
Despite all we now know about these three species, they each preserve a certain mysterious quality and intelligence, evident in the ways they interact with each other and with us.
They still fight viciously among themselves in the wild, of course. Still, somehow gentleness is a word generally associated with, at Continue reading