Fair Trade

Break a Sweat for a Nice
Meal & Some Quality Time

Now, that’s what we call dancing to save the earth. In London, Bar Surya has outfitted its dance floor with a fancy system of crystals and ceramics that, when pressured by revelers, generates electricity to fuel its lights and the air conditioner. In other words, you dance, the lights go on and if they flicker, it’s Ok too; a wind turbine and some solar panels will keep things moving. And don’t worry: there’s no risk of electrocution.
A similar sweaty idea is in place in Copenhagen. Bicycles connected to an electric generator at Crown Plaza Hotel offer customers the chance to earn their next meal. All you need to do is to pedal long enough to produce 10 watts of charge. In exchange, you get a $30 voucher to use toward a hearty meal. Have the soufflé.
But it’s Maison d’Envie, a brothel in Berlin, that takes er the cake. There, as long as you arrive on a bike or by public transportation, you’re entitled to a $7 discount for a $90, 45-minute visit. A great value, recession and all things considered. Just one caveat: management can refuse admission if you’re too disgustingly sweaty. But there’re showers available, so it’s all good.
There you have it. Who says your noble concerns about the environment won’t get you anywhere? Now you can enjoy being green even if you’re no Travolta, are famished and in dire need to get laid. So go ahead and break a sweat.