One Last Thing

‘Before I Die, I Want to
Evaporate Into the Light’

There’re many who believe that you get more out of life by compiling, and pursuing, a bucket list. An inventory of everything we’d like to do before we die is said to help us focus on what’s really important. Besides, putting wishes on writing makes them appear reachable, unlike so much else that life’s about.
Now, with her latest public project, artist Candy Chang gives a twist to the old concept: the single-line bucket list. Before I Die has been traveling the world for over a year, allowing common citizens of many nations to express at least one desire they’d like to fulfill before, well, it’s too late for anything else.
The simplicity and straightforwardness of the project resembles an open-air classroom, including the old-fashioned combo, the blackboard and a piece of chalk. Chang even lends a hand to curious minds and passer-by philosophers, adding the useful teaser, ‘I Want to…’ Their responses range from the immediate to the transcendental.
It’s actually easy to get caught on their apparent single mindedness. ‘I want to explore the world,’ or ‘tell mom I love her’ and variations, are some of the most common. Others try for the highfalutin and wind up faking it: ‘I want to embrace,’ ‘understand why I’m here,’ and this post’s own headline, can all be cringe-inducing.
But even if some sound prosaic or pretentious or hollow, it’s a completely different experience when you have to add your own contribution. That’s what Brazilians may be considering now, as the Continue reading